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Every student should adhere to the following rules & regulations

  • Issue of prospectus and admission from does not necessarily mean granting of admission.
  • The division and roll number's are allotted at the time of examission. No changed of division and optional subjects is permitted afterwards.
  • Fees once paid shall not be refunded. All fees are forfeteited on cancellation of a admission.
  • Additional fees will be levied for any new course/modular courses.
  • Attendance to all the periods is compulsory. If the attendance of the students is less than 80% of the periods conducted in each subjects for each semester, He/She will not be permitted to apper for the iinternal tests and university examission.
  • No students are allowed to the stand or loiter on the corridor or in the internal tests and university examission.
  • No students shall misbehave or ill-treat parents, teachers, employees, other students and lady students either inside or outside the college.
  • No student is allowed to prossess or consume Ghutaka, Pan, Chewing Gum, Alcoholic drink, or aby other intoxicants.
  • The calsses represntative will be nominated on the basis of academic merit in their respective calsses. The secretaries of various departments will be among the class represntatives. The principal is empowered to regulate the student council of the college.
  • The principal reserves the right to permit conduct of any function by the students. The students are not allowed to conduct any such function inside/outside the college omn their own. The parents are requested to take not of the same and not to encourage their ward to indulge in such activities.
  • As per section 116 of Karnataka Education Act 1983, ragging of students is a punishable offence. legal action will be initiated.
  • If there is hike in fees by authorities, is shall be the reponsibilty of the students to pay.
  • In all matters the dicision of the principal is final and binding.
  • The principal reserves the right to reject, cancel his/her admission, rusticate of the candidates behaviour is found be objevtionable.
  • Unifrom is compulsory